Our kindergarten is a full four-year cycle. It is the first step to ensure the success of all students in a fair and demanding school. The program is adapted to young children, takes into account their development and builds bridges between family and school. The specific learning methods implement a variety of situations: problem solving, training, memorization. Playing holds a special role: it promotes the wealth of experiences and feeds all areas of learning.

The kindergarten also allows children to learn together and to live together: it ensures a first acquisition of the principles of social life and allows the child to become a singular person in a group.
The lessons are organized in five subject areas:







The importance of the language has emerged as an essential condition for the success of each and all. The practice of physical and artistic activities helps develop the interactions between action, feelings, imagination, sensitivity and thought.
The areas “Building the first tools to structure their thoughts” and “Exploring the World” are committed to developing an initial understanding of numbers and the first mathematical tools, the environment of children, and to sparking their desire to ask questions.
Based on the initial knowledge related to their immediate world, the nursery school sets up a course that allows children to make sense of the world around them, to access a variety of visual representations and knowledge that would be enriched and further developed in the elementary school. THE

The kindergarten at our school applies the integrity of the French national curriculum. It consists of highly qualified personnel (teachers and assistants) receiving training all along their career paths. The kindergarten now hosts 160 students divided into 7 classes: toute petite section (from 2 years), petite section (from 3 years), moyenne section (from 4 years) and grande section (from 5 years).
Our school is committed to conducting all of its lessons in the French language with the implementation of specific devices that allow students not understanding the language to integrate gradually. At the same time, much attention is given to the mastery of the mother tongue, an essential condition for the construction of other languages.

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