French school programs are based on the common core of knowledge, skills and culture and they ensure the acquisition of that common set.
These programs adhere to and specify the objectives defined by the common core. Thecommon core focuses on five areas:

»  languages to think and communicate
»  methods and tools for learning
»  the formation of the person and citizen
»  natural systems and technical systems
»  representations of the world and human activity

The programs should allow for each student the progressive acquisition of knowledge and skills within three cycles of compulsory education:

»  Cycle 2, basic learning cycle (CP (6 years), CE1 (7 years) and CE2 (8 years))
»  Cycle 3, consolidation cycle (CM1 (9 years), CM2 (10 years) and grade 6e (age 11 years))
»  Cycle 4, reinforcement cycle (middle school: grades 5e (12 years), 4e (13 years) and 3e (14 years))

The French schooling is based on a strict curriculum. The knowledge and skills complement each other and develop gradually, year after year.

The elementary school at the Victor Hugo School

Just like in the kindergarten, our elementary school is fully certified and provides teaching that fully complies with the requirements of the French Ministry of Education.
Today we welcome about 360 students in 16 classes from CP to CM2. Some classes are organized in double courses (two age brackets in the same class) to provide more educational flexibility for students in their learning.
The fundamental values of France are implemented daily in our establishment: mutual respect, multiculturalism, recognition of the other.
Thus, French is the working language of all children. Bulgarian is taught in official class schedule to ensure a sufficient command of the language and the Bulgarian culture, both to Bulgarian children and to non-Bulgarian. English is taught to all pupils in primary school. Each of these three languages is certified throughout the school year by independent organizations.