The Centre for Knowledge and Culture, also known as “3C” ou “CCC” is a fully-fledged educational and informative project. Nonetheless, it is definitely, in the first place, about the idea of space. The Centre for Knowledge and Culture is above all, a “space”, a place where people and documents meet, an area of mediation.

An encyclopedia, a CD-ROM, a database and a CCC are spaces, playgrounds where the quest for information and knowledge is at stake. The internet is a hyperspace, a cyberspace, a network full of threads, the ideal place for meeting and escaping, a curved space that is incredibly flexible and fluid. But when one thinks of space, it also implies a mind for geometry and a need for cartography, as being able to structure and locate is necessary.

Thus, it relies on the skills of the school librarian, who can lean on a wide range of professional and cultural ressources. The CCC helps the book and the digital coexist. It suggests an approach based on mastering a language, as it is an essential tool to any other learning process.

The centre for knowledge and culture also enables to break down the barriers between school spaces and times, to give the students more autonomy along their path and more opportunities to work together. As for the teaching staff, it is also a place to personalise the guidance of students and to develop new educational activities based on their true needs.

The centre for knowledge and culture is a welcoming place. It offers students a work and meeting place that is friendly and warm, to make the involvment of students easier. Their commitment allows them to develop a sense of responsibility, a spirit of initiative and autonomy.