The French overseas teaching network gathers 494 schools, located in 136 countries, which enroll nearly 340,000 students, 60% of whom are foreigners and 40% French. All are approved by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.
These establishments are managed directly by the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE) (74 establishments “EGD”), 156 have signed an agreement with it (contracted institutions) and 264 others are partner institutions.

The Victor Hugo School in Sofia welcomes more than 800 pupils,  from nursery to last year and is a approved by the French Ministery of eduaction, it is therefore part of this great network of facilities that ensure the continuity of the education of its pupils in 136 countries. Locally, it is under the supervision of the Embassy of France in Sofia.

It is an institution founded in 1966, which has for 50 years been in service of excellence!


The success of all our students is the stated ambition of our establishment. Our students have an excellent success rate in the Baccalaureat exam (100%, with nearly 95% of “mention”), a rate higher than that of high schools in France. Most graduates from our high school, and of the AEFE network, continue their studies in colleges and the best international universities.


A place for exchanges and language and cultural events, vectors of a shared experience based on the strong values of the secular, social and fraternal ideals of the republic, our establishment educates young people from all backgrounds. A pilot language teaching program allows the integration of national students with a specific teaching of French, the teaching of the language of the host country for all students, and encourages the studying of English and other international languages in a multicultural context.


Welcoming among its students (over 60%) children of the host country and one third foreign students, our establishment and its network contribute to the influence of the French language and French culture. By cultivating communication and intercultural understanding, it forges lasting affinity between the students and France, based on the values of freedom and equality.

The lessons are mostly taught by French teachers. The teams are complemented by Bulgarian teachers recruited on very specific criteria of high skills.
From the age of 3, the children follow a French curriculum which enables them to acquire the knowledge and skills attested by the validation of a reference tool called “common core of knowledge, skills and culture “.
Language skills are validated periodically throughout the school, by official certifications recognized internationally.
A rich educational dynamic, provided by many artistic and cultural projects related to the environment and civic life, as well as an international openness, assure the intellectual stimulation conducive to the proper intellectual development of our students.
The extra school and sports activities that complement the development of our students is an important financial issue that we are committed to support.