The Victor Hugo school will cooperate since the beginning of the new school year 2020 with our new partner – the company FURISTO (trademark ZELEO who will provide our school catering.  You can read the presentation of the company here.

A team of professionals will provide healthy and well-prepared meals. FURISTO ( use selected products and own organic dairy products from Green Farm (

The provider who serves on average 450 pupils of the school on a daily basis, proposes us balanced and varied menus, adapted to seasonal produce. They systematically consist of a starter (two options – soup or salad – one of the two of your choice), main course with garnish (minimum one dish with meat or fish and one vegetarian dish),  a dairy product, a dessert and a bread. The portions and the grammage for the various ages conform to existing standards.

In nursery school and for 1st years of primary school, the meals are served to the children at table, in elementary, the middle school (college) and the high school the service is organized in the form of self-service. Educational assistants accompany the children during the time of the meal.



Catering committee

A committee organized by the school studies the menus proposed from a dietary and technical point of view, the conformity with the Bulgarian and European standards and the respect for contractual arrangements. It also leads a reflection on the good progress of the meridian break.

We also inform you that for all matters related to the functioning of the school catering please contact the members of the commission of the menus in

You can find the school restaurant terms and conditions on the following link: Règlement intérieur de la cantine pour l’année scolaire 2020-2021


You can reach our school restaurant services at: or via mobile on: 0882 513352