For each student the school provides an insurance plan "Accident". The insurance is valid throughout the year, regardless of the location of the student (school, at home, at camp, on vacation). The insurance is valid on the territory of Bulgaria.

The insurance limit is 5,000 Leva.

Insurance compensations in case of damage are:

“Occupational accident”: for the students the occupational accident disability means inability to attend classes

Permanent disability due to accident:

Up to 50% – the Insured shall be paid a percentage of the sum insured equal to the percentage of disability as defined by the Territorial expert medical commissions (or TEMC) or Health medical committee (or HMC);

Over 50% – the Insured shall be paid a percentage of the triple amount of the insurance amount equal to the percentage of disability as defined by the TEMC or HMC.

Temporary disability of the Insured due to an accident, continued:

Temporary disability of the Insured as a result of infectious disease continued (the school medical office can give you information on the diseases wchihc fall into this category):

Temporary disability due to infectious disease shall be paid once the period of insurance.

Costs for medications due to accident during the term of the contract and completed within 30 calendar days from the date of the accident – the Insured shall be paid the amounts up to 10% of the sum insured, but not more than 300 BGN.

Civil liability of the Insured for death or bodily injury leading to permanent disability of others or damage of school property – covered are amounts up to 50% of the sum insured, including interest and costs in a writ of execution against the Insured. The Insured participates with 10% in any property damage.

Documents required for filing a damage claim in case of accident to be submitted in the Accounting department of the school:

NB – the Insurer is notified within 7 days from the occurrence of the event, such documents shall be compiled and transmitted after recovery of the Insured.

• information about the accident – fill in the sample form provided by the Insurer;

• protocol of the accident, declaration of occupational accident and order of NSSI for such accident, traffic police protocol, information from the Interior Ministry, court orders and other documentary evidence certifying under what circumstances the insured event has occurred;

• medical documents (medical certificates * outpatient sheets, radiographs and radiological exams results, other medical test results, medical history, personal medical card, expert decision of TEMC, medical certificate, medical referral, laboratory results and / or analysis.)

• original payment documents, invoices and receipts for paid services, accompanied by prescriptions, medical history and / or medical referrals;

• any other medical documents and / or results that the insurer can request in connection with an insurance event.