This project is designed to enable each student from the 6ème (6th grade) to terminale (12th grade) to build their own course of guidance and orientation, and to discover the economic and professional world.

The project should enable each student to:

It aims at:


Accessible to all and one of the best in the world: the French higher education

The excellence of French higher education is widely recognized throughout the world. Whether in the rankings of Shanghai, those in the Financial Times, the Times or the European Report on Science & Technology of the European Commission, French institutions are always in the foreground.

French higher education receives more than 278 000 international students.

Fifth economic world power, France is now third in the world for hosting international students. It has always had a policy of equal treatment of French and foreign students. Examples: the registration fees are the same for everyone and fixed for national diplomas by the government, and all students have the same social rights, irrespective of their origin (social security, housing assistance).

France is resolutely anchored in its time and its artists, established and recognised in all fields.

For 5 years, the ranking of the International Living Association has placed France among the top countries in terms of quality of life (No. 1 in 2010)

France is the 5th largest world economy. It contributes 5% of world GDP and 6% of commercial trade in the world.

France is an attractive country for investors. It is the first host country for FDI in Europe and the 2nd in the world.

The Excellence-Major scholarships are awarded on criteria of excellence to foreign graduates from the network of French schools around the world to come and pursue their higher education in France. This device, funded by the AEFE (Agency for French Teaching Abroad) and MAEDI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development), is part of the cultural diplomacy and helps promote French higher education.


The Center for Knowledge and Culture (CKC) at Lycée Victor Hugo has an “Orientation Space”. A small round table allows students looking for a job to comfortably consult books, brochures and other media dedicated to the orientation and renewed regularly, and also to think about their future.

For younger high school students who are just beginning the process, the Inforizon software provides tests and business records at hand. Older students can use the GPO3. Those who are already looking at the multitude of choices offered in higher education in France, can find an efficient and up to date tool: the CIDJ filings in digital format.

To guide and help you in this process, please contact the Coordinator for Resourses in Information and Organisation (CRIO) of the establishment: Aurélie Vieux (


The National Office of Information On Teaching and Professions is THE reference site for orientation. It is aimed at younger and older high school students, as well as their parents.

The National Centre for University and Scolar works has the mission to make life easier for students in many fields: food, housing, scholarships, social and cultural activities, living in an international community, etc.

The Agency for French Teaching Abroad has implemented an orientation device for French and foreign students, coming from schools of the network of French institutions abroad.

The website of the Department of Higher Education and Research allows, among other things, to check the list of all programs and degrees and all higher education institutions in France.

They help you in all the steps you need to go through to prepare for your arrival in France for your studies: contact your host, complete your registration, find a home, manage your money, learn about the host institution, organize your student life, etc.