“Career Talks: Meet the Experts” 

25 March 2021

During their English classes, our students from class 2B will have the opportunity to meet on Zoom no less than 20 experts from various professional backgrounds, from Bulgaria, UK, Austria, Belgium, Spain, etc.

The initiative “Career Talks: Meet the Experts” has been organized by their Englis teacher, Mrs Elena Kutevska, as a part of the “Professional world” axis featured in the linguistic  programme for class 2. Meetings will go on for several weeks, as each session will last 20 minutes:  10 min “Talk” + 10 min Q&A session.

Our students will get a chance to discover as diverse professional fields as law, advertisement, marketing, Medecine – various specialties, sports careers, Video games (business side!), engineering, sociology, finances and more…Through different expert profiles :  consultant, engineer, practicioner, entrepreneur, pilot…

A highly motivating way to learn on career opportunities and the needed superior Education – without forgetting possible career changes: Our students will also meet an former marketing director turned a psychologist!

No  doubt those meetings will be an enlightening experience!